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 This menu is different.

It begins with farming. It begins with what is good for the land. With what builds soil, makes the air cleaner and the water brighter. Supporting the farms of the Finger Lakes, including our own, that are trying to leave the land a little better than we found it. Exploring what flavors can come from good soil and how to feed ourselves from our region. Exploring what a region can taste like. Discovering what grows together often goes together. 90%+ of this menu is sourced from our home, the Finger Lakes region. Some of it is sourced from right outside the window here. If it’s not, we seek out things organic or ingredients otherwise doing good for the planet. We want each bite to make the real physical world a little brighter. It’s not perfect. We’re still trying to figure this out. Just an attempt by a team of farmers and chefs and makers to do a little good. And feed our friends along the way.

Menus are subject to change based on seasonality of ingredients.

*Please note that any tabs left open at the end of the day will be charged with an additional 15% gratuity to the final bill. Tax not included. 

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